John Swan

Some kids dream of running away to join the circus. When Swanee was 13, he ran away with a rock group, moving from Adelaide to Melbourne with a band called Happiness. Swanee has been making music ever since, though it’s been a bittersweet journey. He’s topped the charts, had some great times, but also battled drug and alcohol problems. If you want to understand Swanee’s story, all you have to do is listen to his new album, One Day At A Time.

“I used to write over-the-top rock lyrics,” Swanee says, “songs about cars and girls and drinking. That used to be my life. But now I’m walking a different path.”

One Day At A Time is the tale of a man who’s come back from the brink, an artist who’s lived to tell the tale.

“My past eventually caught up with me,” Swanee says simply. “I needed to go off the road and re-group. I got rid of all the bad stuff, and I rediscovered my love of music. “I feel like I’m 13 again.”One thing hasn’t changed – Swanee is still one of Australia’s finest singers.