Check out our on ground map showcasing everything happening down at Elder Park on the day.

  • Enter via Entrance 1 and join in the fun and games at the Kids Carnival including a Tea Cup and Saucer Ride, Laughing Clowns and more!
  • Show off your basketball skills with Mix, shoot some hoops from 2pm
  • Stop by the Krispy Kreme stall and indulge in a sweet treat and coffee
  • For the adults, find your way over to the river bank where Tomich Wines are offering wine tasting, drinks and refreshments - all serving local Adelaide wines
  • Smiling Samoyed are also offering their award winning independent beers along the river bank, where kids can enjoy colouring sheets
  • At the QBE marquee the whole family can take a free Christmas photo with Santa
  • KFC are serving up fresh hot chicken to indulge in, simply sign up for one of their hourly feasts